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VSLive! logo The New Relic .NET team will be represented at Visual Studio Live! Chicago next week!

Next Week in Chicago
We’re excited about going to Visual Studio Live! and looking forward to meeting current and future users of our .NET agent at the conference exhibit hall.

At the Visual Studio Live! Demonstration Theater on Tuesday, May 14th, you can learn even more about our application performance monitoring for .NET and what we call ‘performance-driven development.’ Kirby Frugia and Matt Sneeden will give a tour of some common performance problems in .NET web apps and show you how to use New Relic to solve them. They’ll demonstrate a ‘Code Kata,’ which is an exercise in programming designed to help you hone your skills through practice and repetition. To preview the current set of .NET Code Katas, please see these deployed katas.

They’ll also give an overview of New Relic and Azure Web Sites and highlight how powerful New Relic can be in the cloud, where everything is about scalability. If you have an application that isn’t optimized, you’ll be scaling even when you don’t need to. New Relic can save you time and money by identifying performance issues that you didn’t even know you had. This means you’ll only add more website instances when usage demands it, not because you have a SQL query that doesn’t perform well under high load.

The Cool Stuff to Ask Us About
What else have we been working on for our .NET agent, you might ask? Lots! In the last three months – and the corresponding three releases –we’ve added improved logging to the agent, a new API method to control Real User Monitoring (RUM) on a per-page basis and an improved installer. But that’s not all! The two big features are Cross Application Tracing (CAT) and beta support for Azure Web Sites! All the release details can be found on our release page.

Cross Application Tracing 
For those of you with multi-tier, SOA-style architectures, CAT allows you to better visualize and trace through the connections between your application tiers.  The most visually interesting change will likely be in the Application Map, where the logical connections between your app will be called out more clearly:App Map with Cross Application Tracing

For the complete details on CAT, please see this blog post from release day.

Azure Web Sites Beta
A beta version of the .NET agent works on Azure Web Sites, and we plan to add official support when Azure Web Sites itself goes GA. For all the details, please see our documentation.

Scott Hanselman was kind enough to try out the beta and he wrote up his thoughts on his blog: Penny Pinching in the Cloud Enabling New Relic Performance Monitoring On Windows Azure Web Sites.

Make sure to ask us for a demo in the exhibition hall. We’re looking forward to talking with you next week in Chicago!

And don’t forget, all Visual Studio Live! attendees can try New Relic Pro for 30 days absolutely free. Sign up for your free trial today!

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