State of the Stack – A New RoR Benchmarking Report on RailsLab

Banner - Rails Benchmarking ReportNew Relic helps over 1500 Rails organizations monitor and manage their applications. This gives us insight into the application stacks used by developers around the world.

We recently analyzed all of the application instances which use New Relic RPM. We identified the OS, Ruby and Rails versions used and also identified all of the plugins in each stack. The results reveal some interesting information about how quickly the Rails community adopts new versions of Ruby and Rails; about which plugins they find useful; and about the operating systems most commonly used (uh, big surprise, it’s Linux…)

This week we published our results for the first time on RailsLab. The State of the Stack is a report which lists the most commonly used versions of Ruby, Rails, and plugins in actual production applications.

We must be careful to state that the plugin analysis is not a market share report. These lists are also not a complete list as they have been truncated for inclusion in the report.

Compare the benchmarks to your own stack.'

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