Scaling your Database, Part 1 – New RailsLab Episode

We’ve just posted Episode #17 in our “Scaling Rails” series on RailsLab. Rails expert Gregg Pollack is at it again, this time with part 1 of “Scaling your Database.”

In this episode Gregg lays out a scenario you might be familiar with: You feel like you’ve optimized your database as much as you can but your management tool (RPM) tells you that the database is still getting overloaded. Now what? Gregg offers a number of step-by-step techniques for improving the power of your database through database configuration and replication. He also takes a look at how replication can be used for other purposes in addition to scaling your Rails app. scaling-your-database

Of course, Gregg didn’t stop there when he put together this sceencast. He actually created an app and benchmarked the performance to see exactly what kind of improvement he would get using his own advice. What kind of performance boost did he get?  Watch the video to find out. Stay tuned for Part 2, in which Gregg covers additional scalability techniques including storage engines and how to scale writes.

Here are some additional resources Gregg mentions that can help with database scalability issues:

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