Ruby developers: Get visibility into Resque, Authlogic, Paperclip and Camping with New Relic’s rpm_contrib gem

We regularly get requests from our Ruby customers to instrument popular plugins and gems. But keeping up with all the changes in Rails, let alone the other popular frameworks, has been a challenge so we decided to take advantage of our customers’ enthusiasm and create the rpm_contrib gem.

Add Visibility to Resque, Paperclip, Camping and Authlogic

The rpm_contrib gem is a base platform for instrumentation on frameworks that are not part of our core monitoring. The current version, 1.0.7, includes instrumentation for Resque, Paperclip, Camping, and Authlogic. All were written by customers in forks and later pulled in. Getting visibility to these frameworks is as simple as requiring the rpm_contrib gem in your Ruby application.

Contribute Your Own Instrumentation

Fork away!  The newrelic_rpm gem has a stable, documented API you can use to add instrumentation for your favorite framework.  The README file explains the different ways to instrument other frameworks, whether they are full application frameworks or simple gems.  You can use the existing instrumentation as examples for adding your own.

We hope to see more contributions in the future.  Send us pull requests through Github, or send us your commits at New Relic support.

Special Thanks To…

Thanks to those who contributed the current instrumentation:

  • Keenan Brock for help with Authlogic support
  • Remi Gabillet for Paperclip instrumentation
  • Mick Staugaard, Ashley Martens, and Tatsuya Ono for the Resque instrumentation
  • Philippe Monnet for the Camping instrumentation'

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