AWS re:Invent Highlights Enterprise and DevOps as Key Amazon Priorities

If there’s one thing that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is good at, it’s moving fast. As AWS senior vice president Andy Jassy explained at the AWS re:Invent keynote session last Wednesday in Las Vegas (watch the video here), the company is well on its way toward releasing more than 500 new services and features for its customers in 2014. At the re:Invent conference alone, AWS announced close to a dozen new offerings, all of which were met with plenty of applause from the conference’s more than 13,000 attendees.

For the New Relic team that attended re:Invent, it was an especially exciting couple of days; not only for the opportunity it gave us to catch up with some of our joint customers, but also because it gave us insight into Amazon’s key priorities and how New Relic’s software analytics offerings can help complement them.

Helping enterprises achieve business value

Enterprise cloud adoption was a key theme at re:Invent. And to address the needs of enterprises with greater security and compliance concerns, AWS announced the following new services:

  • AWS Key Management Service: A managed service that makes it easy to create and control the encryption keys used to encrypt and protect data.
  • AWS Config: Another security-focused managed service that provides users with resource inventory, configuration history, and configuration change notifications.
  • AWS Service Catalog: A service that allows IT departments to create customized catalogs of resources for end users to access, helping ensure compliance with business policies.

Of course, security and compliance are only a part of the bigger picture. Whether you’re only starting to migrate or have already migrated to the cloud, enterprises running business-critical applications need end-to-end monitoring to ensure that it’s delivering the best possible experience to its users. (Case in point: New Relic and AWS customer Condé Nast).

Amazon Aurora was another major product announcement that was targeted toward the enterprise audience. A MySQL-based database service that promises more than five times the performance speed at a tenth of the cost of traditional databases, Amazon Aurora is further evidence of AWS’s focus on data warehousing and database services for the enterprise. And seeing that many New Relic customers use MySQL, Amazon Aurora appears to be a technology worthy of support via New Relic Platform.

Speeding up software development

DevOps also emerged as a recurring theme at re:Invent. “Agility is the holy grail,” said Amazon CTO Werner at the Thursday morning keynote (watch the video here). In addition to the well-received announcement of the Docker-friendly Amazon EC2 Container Service, AWS introduced a number of new developer-focused tools:

  • AWS CodeDeploy: A service that automates code deployments to Amazon EC2 instances.
  • AWS CodePipeline: A continuous delivery and release automation service that lets you design your development workflow for checking in code, building the code, and deploying your app into staging, testing, and production.
  • AWS CodeCommit: A managed control service that hosts private Git repositories.

From development, build and test, to deployment, these new products are aligned to each stage of the software development lifecycle. And like New Relic tools, they’re designed to make life easier for developers and DevOps teams.

Going “All-In” with AWS—and New Relic

Throughout many re:Invent sessions and talks, ran an overarching narrative of going “all-in” with AWS. As companies successfully move their dev and test applications to the cloud, more and more are then migrating production and mission-critical apps as well, eventually leading to the all-in mindset.

If your company is also planning to go “all-in” with the cloud, New Relic is happy to help migrate and improve the performance of your applications in the process. We’ve joined forces with managed services providers like 2nd Watch to optimize AWS environments. And don’t forget that you can also use New Relic’s AWS plugins to help bring your cloud data points into performance-related context. To learn more about using New Relic with AWS, visit:


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