Reflections on another great RailsConf

This year marks the third RailsConf for New Relic and we had an amazing time!  Two years ago in Portland we released RPM.  Last year in Vegas we paired customers up with RPM engineers to help them analyze their performance.  This year we got to hear countless stories from amazing customers where RPM helped them out of a bind.  We also got a lot of great ideas from folks that could help make RPM even more awesome.

Great Feedback

It’s incredibly rewarding to be working with such smart and analytical customers!  We had great conversations with customers old and new, and talked about some really interesting product ideas for the future.  As always, keep it coming!  You can request a feature or submit a support ticket online, hit us up on twitter @newrelic or even drop into IRC in #newrelic on freenode.

Rails 3

There was an incredible amount of buzz about Rails 3 beyond all the great talks on the subject.  In his keynote, David mentioned his favorite features of Rails 3.  We also caught up with Yehuda Katz earlier in the week and interviewed him about new features in Rails 3.  Check out our video interview with Yehuda on RailsLab.  We have a beta program for RPM on Rails 3 and we’ll be releasing support for RPM on Rails 3 as soon as it is available.

What should we work on next?

In case you missed it, here are the slides from Brian Doll’s presentation on using RPM proactively, helping a team decide “What do we work on next?”:

[slideshare id=4448041&doc=what-should-we-work-on-next-100609020248-phpapp01]

A great time in Baltimore

One thing that made this year’s conference so memorable was the incredible hospitality of the Baltimore Rails community. From organizing IgniteRailsConf and BohConf to spearheading a “Stay with a Local” program, B’more Pub Night and more, the BMore on Rails community was in full force all conference long!  Thanks for making the conference that much more personal and being such gracious hosts to a really fun city.

Thanks everyone and we’ll see you next year!'

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