RailsLab – New Content on Scaling your Dev Team

Wolfram Arnold + Edward Hieatt

When we hear the word scalability we normally think about things like caching, database architecture, server configurations, etc. But if you have ever been in a development team undergoing the pressure of client demands combined with turnover within the team, you will appreciate this week’s episode on RailsLab called Scalable Teams.

Wolf Arnold, a founding partner of Rubyfocus, has created a two-part series exploring some of the ways Rails dev teams can be as scalable as the apps they create. In addition to his own experiences, he draws upon the wisdom of Ed Hieatt and Davis Frank of Pivotal Labs, the leading Agile Development firm and Rails pioneer. Discover some of their innovative techniques for improving team productivity while maintaining the enjoyment of software development.

Thanks Wolf, for Scalable Teams.

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