RailsConf Day 2

Whew! Long day.

Day 2 at RailsConf started with DHH’s keynote. Always interesting to listen to David. The focus this time was on some of the guiding principles for the team working on Rails 3, helping all of us get realistic expectations about this critical release. It won’t be all things to all people. As David put it “I guarantee there will be things we didn’t do that you wanted done.” But look at those omissions as incentives for adding to the platform, not for knocking it.

Heard about some exciting new things from Engine Yard: Solo is really taking off; Tom demoing some exciting new tools.

Great chatting with “Koz” Koziarski (below) who admitted to be “pretty slammed from jetlag – Auckland to LA to Vegas, ugh.” Congratulations to him on the coming birth of his first child.3505905018_ece89874343

James Lindenbaum from Heroku stopped by. Their product officially launched a couple weeks ago and are doing great. Only company we know with Fugu and Koi on the price list outside the Tokyo fish market. Just kidding guys, you have an amazing service for rapid deployment.

Lew, Bill, and friends made it a late night (or so we’re told) at the blackjack tables. We keep telling them “never draw to a straight between a four and an eight.” But do they listen? Ach! Why do we bother!

Nice to talk with Lior Shiff from ProductMadness, Andrew Carter from Getty Images, Arun Gupta from Sun, Ian McFarland from PivotalLabs, John Fan from Cardinal Blue (the guys who make FriendStock on Facebook), Joe Clark from Blue Box Group.

Great to see Tobi Lutke, CEO of Shopify and developer extraordinaire. He, too, was jetlagged – Cologne to Frankfurt (by train) to San Francisco to Vegas. “Its a blur.”3505094639_afd6d286c4_m

Tomorrow we host the Rails Entrepreneur Panel: Starting and Running Your Own Company. Lew will moderate an all-star panel with DHH, Tobi Lutke and Obie Fernandez. You will not want to miss this one at 1:50 right after lunch.

More news later.

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