RailsConf Day 1-Lots of Friends at the Show

dsc_0062_0011Day One of RailsConf at the Las Vegas Hilton. Most of our team got here Sunday and they spent time today attending tutorials, setting up the booth, posting job listings, hosting the Affiliate meeting and hosting a rockin’ party for customers and partners.

Saw lots of friends all day and lots more at the customer party. Some shouts:  Brian Doll of Wells Fargo; Gregg Pollack of RailsEnvy (I like to think of Gregg and Jason as the “Click and Clack” of Rails); Leah Silber and lots of other Engine Yard friends;  Jesse Proudman of Blue Box (dudes, nice integration of RPM into Box Panel); Peter Cooper of Rails Inside (its not a party until Peter shows up!); Phil Misiowiec from Webficient (He just included New Relic in their EC2  AMI); The RightScale gang; plus Robert Dempsey, Wolf Arnold, John Hwang, Blythe Dunham, Matthew Carriere, Chris Nagele and a couple hundred other friends we can’t all list here. Thanks for coming to the New Relic shindig.dsc_0084_0041

Heard Obie Fernandez and our Lew Cirne both like the Beatles tribute show at the Mirage. Watch for exciting conference news from Obie. Heard one of our guys say “who’s Barry Manilow?” I sang Mandy for him. Dude, just this: its about his dog. Saw Saxon, Jim, Bill, Thomas and George play App Doctor helping customers diagnose their apps.

Tomorrow I am catching the Ruby Heroes presentation from Gregg Pollack. Also looking forward to Obie’s Blood, Sweat and Rails. And I will catch Arun Gupta’s presentation on Glassfish.dsc_0077_0031

Working the New Relic booth all day Tuesday. Booth 5. Stop by and say hey.

Want to give us some of your ideas for RPM? Come to the BOF at 7:30 in Conference Room 11 Tuesday night. It will keep you away from the tables.

More tomorrow night.

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