RailsConf 2013 Review

Can you believe it’s already been a whole week since RailsConf 2013 ended?!

Another RailsConf has come and gone and everyone has gone back to their hometowns and offices. New Relic was lucky enough to have RailsConf in Portland, Oregon this year, which is our intergalactic engineering headquarters. We worked hard to make everyone who came to the conference feel welcome and get those extra opportunities to learn and interact with the Rails community.

New Relic Intergalactic Engineering HQ

All the Content!
Once again there was an abundance of great content at the conference, from entertaining keynotes to domain-challenging technical deep dives. We helped contribute with three separate presentations:

* Sam Goldstein and Ben Weintraub presented on the New Relic Performance Code Kata. Their slides can be found here. The goal of this Kata is to get your mind wired into performance-driven development. We’ll explore, diagnose and fix a variety of performance problems to reinforce your skills as a user of New Relic.

* Chris Kelly spoke on how many of the same principles that guide our software design can guide our software architecture. To review or learn more, see the slides.

* Andrew Bloomgarden and Julian Giuca gave a tour of our experience upgrading to Rails 3 (like changing the wheels of a bus going at 80 mph!). Slides are here.

We believe that videos of the presentations will be posted at ConFreaks, so keep an eye on this site.

With our new space in Portland, we were able to host the conference with live streaming for those who missed out on tickets for the sold-out show. Over four days, people gathered at New Relic to watch the videocast and learn and laugh together, depending on the speaker and content.

All the Parties!
No conference is complete without some great parties. And New Relic helped create some memorable events for RailsConf 2013!

The first event was on Sunday night to help the speakers of the conference prepare for the week. The second event, ‘A Night in the Ruby Sky,’ was open to all attendees — and the food and conversation carried on for hours.

A Night in the Ruby Sky - RailsConf 2013

Trivia Contest

We had a fun trivia contest at the after party. Here’s the trivia information and results! (Congrats to our winner, Paul Simpson from Harvest, who snagged an iPod mini.)

Q. In 2005, what did David Heinemeier Hansson create in 15 minutes, which helped kick start the popularity of Rails?
A. A blog

Q: What major feature was recently pulled from Rails 4.0?
A: The Queue API

Q. What version of Rails first included support for Rack?
A. Version 2.2 (We also accepted Version 2.3)

Q. What Ruby web framework joined forces with Rails 2 to create Rails 3?
A. Merb

Q. How many Ruby core classes were monkey-patched by Rails’ first public commit?
A. One: cattr_{reader,writer,accessor} are added to Class

All the New and Exciting!
Besides the parties, we also celebrated by publishing six blog posts that highlighted what’s new and exciting in the world of New Relic’s Ruby support. If you have not yet read the series, here’s the complete list:

* Cross Application Tracing
* Thread Profiling
* Living on the Edge with Rails 4 & Ruby 2
* Thread Safe APIs & Sidekiq Support for Your Threading
* Security Banners (For If You Forgot to Apply the Latest CVE Patch)
* Debugging Stuck Ruby Processes – What to do before you kill-9

Since RailsConf, we’ve released support for Sequel. The support includes capturing SQL calls and model operations in transaction traces, and recording slow SQL calls. See these docs for full details.

You can still try New Relic Pro free for 30 days. For more information, see our RailsConf page. Here is to another great year ahead. See you in Chicago for RailsConf 2014!

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