Rails Performance Tuning Lesson from BuildingWebApps.com

Building WebAppsChristopher Haupt and Michael Slater over at BuildingWebApps have published their next lesson on Rails Performance Analysis.

For those of you who don’t know about this website, it is essentially a course on developing and deploying successful Rails applications. The course is broken down into 30-50 minute podcasts and screencasts, each covering a specific topic ranging from Lesson 1: Why You Should Learn Ruby on Rails to Lesson 14: Using Textile Markup, plus In-Place Editing with Ajax to Lesson 21: Version control with git. Each lesson uses real life examples and includes extensive text lesson notes with additional links and information. The production value is high on these easy to follow lessons.

Best of all, these lessons are free! You just need to register and provide your email address. They send you a link to each lesson as it becomes available.

The most recent lesson is Lesson 23: Performance Analysis with New Relic RPM. Rather than describe it, we’ll let Michael and Christopher tell you what it’s all about.

In this lesson, we show how to analyze the performance of a Rails application using the New Relic service. We show how the free service works in development and production modes, and some of the additional features that are available with the paid version of the service.

The lesson page includes complete lesson notes and a link to the performance tuning section of the BuildingWebApps site, which lists a variety of related resources.

The lesson uses New Relic RPM to analyze the performance and tune the buildingwebapps.com website which, of course, is a Rails application. Not only is it interesting to see and learn the methodologies for optimizing a web application, it provides a good case study on using New Relic RPM to achieve high website performance.

We think it’s worth a look and hope you do too.


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