Rails Activists Formed to Promote the Platform

New Relic wants to send a shout of thanks to Gregg Pollack, Matt Aimonetti, Ryan Bates, and Mike Gunderloy for establishing a volunteer effort to increase promotion of Rails adoption. They are calling themselves the Rails Activists.

Their mission statement says “The mission of the Rails activists is to empower and support the worldwide network of Ruby on Rails users. We do this by publicizing Rails, making adoption easier, and enhancing developer support.”

We are very excited by the momentum Rails is picking up every day, helped by things like the merger of Merb and Rails. However having a group of solid guys like the Rails Activists leading the promotional activity of the community, and reminding us all that we need to shout out for Rails once in a while, is a great idea. Instead of complaining about it, they have taken the initiative to do something about it.

I am sure the gang of four could use more help. Learn more at http://weblog.rubyonrails.org/2009/1/5/announcing-the-rails-activists


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