Wrap Up of PyCon 2013

Oh the Py/Pi

PyCon 2013! Wow, what an event: 2500+ attendees with attendance from all parts of the world! In some of the sessions it felt like literally the whole world was trying to be in the same room!

Raspberry Pi logoOne of the highlights was the keynote from Eben Upton, the founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The seven year story of the passion, vision and stick-to-it-ness to create the ‘overnight’ success of the Raspberry Pi was quite inspiring. And did I mention that everyone at the conference received a Raspberry Pi?!? Take a look at this recording of Eben’s talk:

We also got a peek into the future with Guido van Rossum’s PyCon keynote on Async I/O for Python 3 (this is where everyone cheers!) Lots of juicy details in Guido’s slides on Dropbox.

Diversity made PyCon all the more awesome. It was great meeting and catching up with all of our friends from various cultures and from PyLadies, the Ada Initiative and Hackbright Academy.

The New Relic Presence
As a Platinum sponsor, we were already happily heavily invested in PyCon but we doubled down and went all out: seven New Relicans attending, an expo booth, two talks, a sponsor tutorial, a party, and participation in the PyCon 5k!

A Taste of Py

Amjith presented on Python Profiling and the recording is already available here. Graham presented on “Making Apache suck less for hosting Python web applications”. Thanks to all of you who attended and asked some great questions.

I was also excited about the addition of the Young Coders sessions that my son was able to take part in. Getting the next generation of software engineers ready for the exciting and cool challenges of the future. We really hope PyCon continues this tradition for PyCon 2014!

Young Coder at PyCon 2013

New Relic Python Kata
What is a Python kata, you may ask? Code Kata is a term coined by Dave Thomas, co-author of the book The Pragmatic Programmer, in a nod to the Japanese concept of kata in the martial arts. A code kata is an exercise in programming which helps a programmer hone their skills through practice and repetition. The goal of our Python Kata is to get your mind wired into performance driven development, to reinforce your skills as a user of New Relic.

We unveiled the Python kata at our New Relic PyCon tutorial on Thursday. Approximately 50 people were given a 1.5 hour guided tour. But this is not where it ends as everyone can get involved!

The team has crafted up an application where  the code in some areas of the application is intentionally bad. We figured it would not be much fun if everything just worked the way it should?

The Python Kata is available as a Heroku hosted application. We encourage you to fork and clone the repo and challenge all of us with your performance improving programming exercises!  For those that are multilingual we also have a .NET kata and Ruby kata.

The New Relic Expo Booth
We had a great time meeting tons of people at the New Relic booth! Passing out our Nerd Life shirts, talking with current customers on what is working well and what we could make even better, discussing the New Relic for Mobile Apps launch and even found a few people who had never heard of us … we fixed that quickly! Did you get your Nerd Life shirt? You still can when you sign up and deploy New Relic today.

Nerd Life tshirt

We also had the opportunity at our booth to give the attendees a preview of X-Ray Sessions …which will be available first and soon for our Python customers. More details are available here: newrelic.com/pycon

Next up: DjangoCon EU!
We are already heavy into planning for our next conference in Python land. We are a sponsor and we will be speaking at DjangoCon EU. The event is sold out but they have a waiting list … and the speaker list looks amazing! We look forward to talking again with old friends in the community as well as meeting many new ones with our first foray into Python/Django European community. See you in Warsaw in May!

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