PHP State of the Stack: A New Benchmarking Report

Many of you may have seen our periodic Ruby on Rails State of the Stack reports. As a SaaS company, we are in the fortunate position of having the ability to collect and analyze vast amounts of data from our 30,000 strong customer base. This includes not only performance metrics, but also data about the technologies and platforms that our customers are using. Since we support a number of programming languages (Java, .NET, PHP, Python, and Ruby), we thought it was high time to branch out and start sharing data about other languages. We’re starting out with a new PHP State of the Stack report. We took a sample of approximately 1,800 PHP customers to see what versions they are using, what frameworks they are on and what Drupal modules they’ve plugged in. So without further ado …

First up, here’s a graph of PHP versions being used by New Relic customers. So, what’s the “other” category? We found that many customers have multiple versions of PHP deployed.

PHP Versions Used by New Relic customers

Here’s a look at the distribution of multiple versions (the “other” category above):

Multiple PHP Versions used by customers

Another data point we can see is the frameworks / platforms on which PHP is deployed among our customer base:

PHP Frameworks Used By Customers

And lastly, we thought we’d share the top 50 Drupal modules in use by our customers:

Top 50 Drupal Modules used by customers'

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