Performance Tips & Resources for PHP, Java, .Net, Python and Ruby – help us crowdsource!

We’re assembling some helpful performance tips and performance best practices from around the web – and we want your help!  If you have any more links to share about building high performance apps, add them in the comments and we’ll keep updating this page. Here’s a few to get started, but again – please help me build this post out as a performance resource!

Java Performance Tips
Java Performance on Wikipedia
Intel’s report on Java Performance tips
Java performance tuning (book)


.net Performance Tips
Improving .net performance (book)
Improving .net and asp performance



Python Performance Tips
Python Performance 
10 Optimization Tips and Issues (for Python)
Python Patterns
Python Profiling

Super Simple Ruby Performance Tips
10 Controversial Ruby Performance Tips
10 Tips to Boost your Ruby on Rails Performance
Rails Lab

Great resource list from Alex Podelko:  Performance Engineering


Stoyan Stefanov’ “Book of Speed
Strangeloop’s Web Performance Hub
Steve Souder’s Web Performance Site
Yahoo’s developer center:  Web performance
Performance Calendar
Presentation on web performance
Web Performance Matters Blog
Apdex – an industry standard for performance measurement
10 Realistic Steps to a Faster Website

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