‘Performance Matters’ Series: SaaS Is about Service

There is little argument that SaaS (Software as a service) is the future delivery model for many applications and that growth trends for SaaS adoption are ‘up and to the right’ in any analyst presentation.  From the start, New Relic committed to SaaS as our sole delivery model and we enjoy the benefits of a multi-tenant, scalable architecture that allows us to serve an ever-growing customer base.  Most important, our customers enjoy frequent (twice a week!) application improvements that you can only deliver when you run one app for all your customers.

We’re SaaS ourselves, and proudly serve over 100 SaaS companies
Well over 100 SaaS companies are paying for a New Relic subscription.  These companies range from big players that have already disrupted their markets (can’t show all our logos!) to smaller up-and-coming companies that are poised to disrupt their on-premise incumbents.

They all know something about SaaS: Performance Matters.  The last “S” in SaaS is “Service” – you can’t deliver a quality service experience if your app is not responsive fast.  You can’t disrupt an incumbent on-premise app if your app is suffering from latency or sluggishness for the end-user.

If you’re building an app that is going to be delivered as a service and will have a monthly or annual subscription, you need to actively proactively monitor and manage your app’s performance from the end user experience in the browser all the way to the application code.  Otherwise, you may face increased churn and customer dissatisfaction, which are two killers of any subscription business. Regardless of which programming language you use, or how complex your environment, New Relic can help ensure your customers are having a good experience.

Remember, S = Service, and with SaaS, subscription customers are in control. Given the low barrier to exit, they can leave you in the click of a mouse if you service isn’t running as fast (or faster) than the other sites they access through that same browser.

Oh, one last thing:  We measure and review our site performance for our customers DAILY, and report the stats at our board meetings.  Our average page load time is 1.6 seconds at our customer’s browser, and our average application response time is less than .4 seconds.  For us, without question, performance matters.

Here’s a video from Zendesk, a long time SaaS customer, speaking on our Real User Monitoring launch this summer:



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