Over the past year, members of New Relic’s Site Engineering team have produced a ton of awesome and insightful content related to operations and DevOps, including blog posts, conference presentations, webinars, and even books. This has given us quite a collection of best practices and lessons learned when it comes to how New Relic does operations, so we thought, Why not bring all of these great ideas together into one “New Relic Ops: Greatest Hits” compilation?

new relic operations greatest hitsFrom scaling your infrastructure to meet growth to effectively managing incidents and issues in production, we cover a variety of topics pulled from a number of different sources—and it’s all in one place for your reading and viewing pleasure. You will have the opportunity to learn

  • Why the most important part of your technology may be how it’s delivered
  • Why New Relic treats operations like software (with a well-defined life cycle)
  • Where you should be investing time and energy to achieve an awesome incident life cycle
  • What metrics you should be tracking to achieve DevOps success

Want to boost your ops superpowers? Check out New Relic Ops: Greatest Hits!


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Asami Novak is director of content strategy and development at New Relic. Prior to joining the New Relic team, she wrote marketing and ad copy for a variety of B2B and B2C companies. Her editorial writing has appeared in WIRED and Dwell, among other publications. View posts by .

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