Notes from Waza, Heroku’s first developer event

We spent last Wednesday at Waza, Heroku’s first developer event. (Waza is the Japanese word for art and technique.) New Relic was invited to give a talk that proposed and investigated a particular development method.

Held at Yoshi’s San Francisco, Waza was one of the most polished events we’ve attended. Adam Seligman and his team did an amazing job focusing on the developer experience, putting careful consideration into ensuring high value conversations all around the venue.

Our own Darin Swanson gave a talk about ‘Ripping Needles out of the Haystack’ in which he ‘ran’ through the parallels of development technique and ultrarunning races. In both, you not only need to train to race, but you also need to race to race. Much like training is not racing, your staging environment is not production. Therefore, it’s critical to incorporate post-production feedback into your development process since no race plan survives past the starting line. Darin rounded out the talk with a real-life story of how New Relic incorporated post-deploy feedback to identify and resolve an issue (a bot that hit our Documentation app) and improve our application performance.

If you missed Darin’s talk, don’t worry, the entire event was recorded. We’ll update this post with the recordings as soon as they’re available, so check back soon.'

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