Noted analyst Bernd Harzog of The Virtualization Practice offers thoughtful, informative review of New Relic RPM V2

analyst_virtualization_practiceThe Virtualization Practice is known for its thoughtful analysis of application performance management issues, especially as they pertain to the cloud. Bernd Harzog, a principle analyst with The Virtualization Practice, continues the trend with a product review of New Relic RPM. Bernd recently had a chance to spend some time with RPM V2, the newest version of our on-demand management solution, and his review offers valuable insights for those considering a new approach to managing Java or Ruby apps deployed in virtual environments.

We highly recommend that you head over to TVP, read the review and find out, from an analyst’s perspective, what is different about New Relic’s approach and how it addresses issues that are unique to managing apps in the cloud. The review functions as a great tutorial on RPM by discussing how it works, how data is presented, and what it means for organizations looking to manage end-user SLAs, troubleshoot issues, and meet performance targets.

Bernd closes with a useful summary of RPM’s strengths and some tips for determining if it’s a right fit for you. In short, Bernd says “RPM is a groundbreaking combination of monitoring functionality, ease of deployment, and ease of purchase.”

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