Node.js Gets New Project Lead

Some interesting news for all you Node.js enthusiasts out there: looks like the increasingly popular open-source project is getting a new face to take the reins.

Isaac Schlueter, who’s been the Node.js project lead since January 2012, is stepping down to run his own business, and fellow Joyent employee TJ Fontaine is officially taking over. But the keyword here is “officially.” “I’ve already been doing the releases for Node since July,” he told VentureBeat yesterday. “Now there’s just a bit more visibility about what my actual role is.”

The handoff makes sense, considering the tremendous value TJ has shown in the Node community over the last year. He’s been maintaining the Node continuous integration system, acting as a lead gatekeeper for patches, and making a number of other key leadership decisions for quite some time. He also helped Walmart—one of Node.js’ largest corporate users—fix a nasty memory leak. (And it’s an added bonus that he’s just an overall really nice guy.)

With TJ now at the helm, Isaac will continue to focus on his baby, the Node Package Manager (npm). His new company, npm, Inc., will deliver new products and services related to npm. But he’ll also remain a Node core committer.

You can learn more about Node.js in the video below. In it, TJ, Isaac, and other key folks from the Joyent team discuss the reasons behind the software platform’s growing popularity and why application performance monitoring plays a crucial role in keeping things running smoothly.

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