Oh, the things we’ve tried. The art of persuasion at New Relic [FUN VIDEOS]

Please note: This is not a tech post. That said, it deals with a real startup business issue. Here goes.

We here in New Relic marketing are an obsessive bunch. We are on a mission to get hundreds of thousands of companies signed up and get our agent “deployed” within their web app. We do so via “lean marketing” and data-driven testing, as well as the popular ‘gut-feel’ methodology. We’ve ‘pioneered’ the act of giving out thousands of t-shirts via an elaborate API relationship with our t-shirt vendor. We’ve figured out how to increase our homepage conversion rate 2x this year. We’ve optimized our pricing pages for conversion, and send triggered emails based on customer profiles and activity.  We’re pretty good at persuading people that it REALLY isn’t that hard to get magically delicious charts out of New Relic!

New t-shirt, at least for a while

We threw a massive after party for TechCrunch Disrupt in September — and people loved our themed t-shirts: Nerd Life.  It was meant to celebrate our lifestyle in the same way thugs have celebrated thug life.  By popular demand, we’re replacing our oh-so-popular data nerd shirt with this limited edition (okay, I’m overselling it, but it IS limited.)  If you are new to New Relic — sign up today! 

Other things we tried to persuade people to try New Relic (video marketing mistakes)

Okay, well this is the embarrassing part, but fun nonetheless. While we strive for perfection, we here in marketing test a LOT of ideas. Something we’re not so proud of was my brief love affair with videos from fiverr.com. I was like, “cool, we can use funny, irreverent videos to persuade and remind prospects to come back and deploy!” The reality was, these vids are … well … you decide:

My first one was the song.  Customers liked it and tweeted about it:

Not bad, right?  Then the talking hand:



… wow, you’re still reading? Okay, one more (last one!):

The reality is our BEST performing content is product videos and helpful blog content, specific to the language the developer was interested in (shocker!!).  That said, we’re committed to be a developer’s best friend (as our homepage states) — and like a best friend, sometimes we like to make our developer friends smile.

Have an awesome day … and by the way … won’t you please deploy New Relic?! 🙂


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