News Roundup: performance news from around the internets; plus @sweetlew and @briandoll share their wisdom

news As you might imagine, we scour the net for #webperf related news and blogs all the time. Because, if there’s’ one thing you know about us, its that we are a bunch of performance nerds and we actually like reading about this stuff. So we thought that from time to time we’d share with you some of the many interesting pieces we come across. Some are penned by us, and others by friends, customers, and  webperf geeks like us. So grab your snuggie, make a cup of your favorite General Foods International Coffee, and have a good read.

From the Internets:

Five Challenges to Monitoring Cloud Applications” By Andre Yee, Cloud Talk, August 15, 2011. Andre discusses five challenges that make monitoring cloud applications fundamentally different from monitoring the traditional on-premise enterprise application.

How @airbrakeapp handles millions of errors a day using Rails, MySQL, Mongo, Redis, Blue Box, New Relic, & more. August 16, 2011. See the screencast with Harold Giménez of Thoughtbot.

Measuring the Mobile Web is hard”  by Matt Welsh, August 4, 2011. Matt talks about why he thinks the state of the art in mobile measurement is a complete mess.

Optimize performance of Facebook social plugins (like button)” by Ankur Pansari, Tuesday, August 2, 2011. Two words: Async loading!

Tagged Architecture – Scaling To 100 Million Users, 1000 Servers, And 5 Billion Page Views”  by Johann Schleier-Smith, CTO & co-founder, Tagged.

Perceived Speed Performanceby John Wayne (the designer), June 16, 2010. An oldie but a goodie, John talks about why perceptions matter when it comes to speed.

From The New Relic Gang of Two (Brian and Lew):

Mashable: “3 Tips for Building a Web App That Can Scale,” by Lew Cirne. August 16, 2011. Based on New Relic’s architecture, Le gives some high level tips for building scalable apps.

Q&A with Brian Doll: “Application Performance and the Browser Factor,” by James Powell, Enterprise Systems, August 16, 2011

Guest Post: “Mobilizing Your Application…Three Tips You Shouldn’t Forget,” by Brian Doll, MobileDevPro, August 8, 2011. What’s your mobile strategy for your web app?

Podcast: The Cloud Computing Show #51, “Interview with Lew Cirne, CEO of New Relic,” Gary Orenstein. July 31, 2011.

“New Relic Architecture – Collecting 20+ Billion Metrics a Day”  by Brian Doll, High Scalability, July 18, 2011. Brian takes a detailed look at New Relic’s architecture.'

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