New webinar replay posted to RailsLab: "Optimizing Your Online Store for the Holidays."

Optimizing Your Online Store for the Holidays
Recorded on Thursday, September 24, 2009

logo_smpWith the holidays getting closer, it’s time to start thinking about optimization strategies for your e-commerce site. When traffic spikes, you’ll want to make sure your team can rapidly respond to changes as they happen. We’ve just posted a webinar replay on RailsLab with great advice for online retailers. This week we hosted a webinar featuring Brian Doll, manager of software development at Sheet Music Plus, the nation’s leading online provider of sheet music. We highly recommend that you take a look at this recorded session in which Brian shares his tips on preparing your site optimal application performance, capacity and scalability during the peak season. In addition to providing specific optimization examples, Brian discusses a number of helpful steps in detail. These include:

  • Analyze the architecture to understand dependencies
  • Analyze the business to understand customer behavior
  • Measure everything that can be measured
  • Embrace change by being responsive

View the replay.

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