Looking forward to working with Solr partner Indekspot to help organizations optimize search

IndekspotSince we added Apache Solr search server monitoring to RPM a few weeks ago, the response has been tremendous. We’ve seen numerous RPM Solr deployments and we’ve joined with a fantastic cast of partners, all leaders in the Solr community. (See our blog post from 11 May for additional details). We are very pleased to continue the trend with the addition of Indekspot to our partner program.

Indekspot is currently beta testing a new solution that provides Solr search server as a service. They plan to provide ready-to-use search index containers with configurations optimized for your web application, and they will manage the infrastructure. Initially, they are offering the service for WordPress and Drupal. They are also happy to offer expert consulting on search optimization for custom-built apps. They’ve posted a few demos that highlight how their Solr solutions in real-world environments:

1. Drupal site with search powered by Indekspot: http://drupal.indekspot.com
2. WordPress blog:  http://blog.indekspot.com
3. Ajax Solr demo: http://indekspot.com/demos/reuters/

If you need better search on your website be sure to get in touch with Indekspot at hello@indekspot.com.

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RPM monitors key Solr performance indicators such as overall Solr performance, cache hit rate and cache size, document cache and filter cache, and Solr update handlers with special tracking of index operations and document operations. RPM provides deep, transaction-level visibility into individual Solr queries, allowing IT teams to identify and remediate potential issues before they affect end users.

Getting started with New Relic RPM is easy. It takes 10 seconds to sign up, and two minutes to implement. Monitoring of Solr operations is available for free with RPM Lite. Solr Transaction Tracing  is available with RPM Silver and above. What are you waiting for?


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