New Relic at the Acts As Conference

acts_as_conferenceNew Relic is a sponsor of the Acts as Conference 2009. “Acts As” is a two-day Rails conference that will make you a more competitive Rails developer by learning from those driving the innovation that is fueling the Rails community. Held February 6th and 7th in Orlando, Florida, Acts as Conference features a great speaker lineup, free food, a chance to meet with Rails innovators, and a live via video Q&A session with David Heinemeier Hansson.

At $125 dollars and limited to 175 attendees, the conference will sell out fast, perhaps faster than last year. Register today at

Look, what’s not to like? You get: warm weather, nice hotel, great program, free food, affordable price, lots of smart presenters, no heavy crowds. You gotta be there. Please stop by and visit with New Relic when you have a minute. See you there!'

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