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Scala Days

Are you going to the Scala Days conference next week? New Relic is! In case you haven’t been there before, Scala Days is the annual gathering where developers who work with Scala and Scala-based libraries and frameworks can share their experiences and new ideas.

New from New Relic: Play! Support
So what goodness do we have planned for this year’s Scala Days? Earlier this week, we announced our support for applications that run all versions of the Play! framework. By tracking web requests across asynchronous activity (through Akka, Scala Promises and Futures and WS API), we provide a consolidated view of activities that affect your customer’s experience.

We also provide instrumentation that benefits other apps written in Scala, use Akka as a framework, or use Netty as a server. As part of this week’s announcement, we described our increasing focus on Java as a language and JVM as an ecosystem. Specifically, these include our improved JVM metrics and our newly launched support for the Play 2 framework.

By adding New Relic to your Play 2.x application, you can see your web transactions organized by controller method / function. You’ll immediately see summary data about what web transactions are called most often, where they’re spending their time, and overall throughput and response time. We provide you with performance insight into your web applications so you can very quickly find, diagnose and fix those pesky performance issues before your customers feel any pain.

New Relic at Scala Days
New Relic is proud to be a Scala Days Gold sponsor. We have three engineers attending the conference who can share how to use New Relic as a tool for performance-driven development.

Drop by the New Relic table in the Tiffany Lobby of the Hudson Theater. We’d love to talk to you about your Scala apps and how New Relic can give you instant insight into your apps’ performance, errors and bottlenecks. If you’d like to get a head start, installation is simple and you can enable performance monitoring insight for your application in just minutes!

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