New RailsLab Episodes Feature Heroku Team

We added three new episodes to RailsLab this week, all featuring Adam Wiggins and Ryan Tomayko of Heroku. Heroku is a rapidly growing, innovative young company focused on providing a cloud-based platform for Rails applications.

Adam and RyanAdam (on the left) and Ryan visited with Mike Malloy at the New Relic offices and shared their thoughts on a wide ranging set of topics including the vision for Heroku, common performance mistakes, the “freedom” of cloud computing, and their many contributions to open source projects. Between the two of them, Adam and Ryan are contributors or committers or co-creators of at least 6 projects including Rack, Rack::Cache, Sinatra, and RestClient. If you would like to read more from Adam see his blog, A Tornado of Razor Blades. If you would like to read more from Ryan see his blog, The Various Writings and Thinking of Ryan Tomayko.

We put the interviews in a section of RailsLab called Masters Interviews. We think you will agree that Adam and Ryan certainly deserve to be in the Masters catagory. Thanks guys for a very interesting set of episodes on RailsLab.

Part 1: Introductions + The Heroku Vision
Part 2: Performance + Best Practices
Part 3: Tools + Collaboration

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