New RailsLab Episode on Rack/Metal and a new State of the Stack Report

Today we released two new episodes on RailsLab, the free online resource focused on Rails application performance.

Picture 1The first is a new video by Gregg Pollack, who is co-creator of RailsEnvy and one of the Rails community’s best trainers and presenters. Gregg’s latest episode explains Rack middleware and Rails Metal. Both of these were two of the hottest topics at RailsConf and are emerging as valuable new techniques for improving performance.

Rails 2.3 shipped with Rack support and contains a set of middleware libraries which can be used to customize and optimize your Rails application. In this screencast Gregg covers the basics of Rack & Rack Middleware, walks through the Rails Rack stack, and shows how to optimize certain actions in your Rails apPicture 3plication using Metal.

Our second new posting is a new edition of State of the Stack. In these reports, we publish the most commonly used versions of Ruby and Rails and most common plugins used by New Relic’s 1,800 customers in their applications. RailsLab readers tell us these reports enable them to compare their own app stack to those used by other Rails shops.

Check out the new stuff at RailsLab.

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