New Content Added to RailsLab – Memcached and a Masters Interview

Two new episodes have been added to the Scaling Rails series on RailsLab. Once again Gregg Pollack of RailsEnvy fame has created a screencast which explains a technique you can use to get higher performance out of your Rails app. In this week’s episode Gregg discusses Memcached, a technique that many RailsLab visitors have asked us to cover.

The Memcached episode describes when this technique is appropriate, how to use caching when action caching, fragment caching and page caching just are not good options. As he always does, Gregg shows you when to use memcached, exactly how to code this technique, and how to avoid cache expiration. He even tell us how to pronounce memcached. Don’t miss this one.

Taylor WeibleyThe second new episode this week is an interview with Taylor Weibley, a well-known and widely respected member of the Engine Yard support team. Taylor has helped literally hundreds of Rails developers with their thorny performance issues. He shares with Gregg his top three ideas for improving performance. We won’t steal his thunder by telling you his ideas, but are you into Masochism? Thanks Taylor.

And thanks Gregg!'

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