Network World’s 2013 Application Performance Management Challenge


Check out Network World’s 2013 Application Performance Management Challenge (APM Challenge) featuring Patrick Lightbody, New Relic’s Director of Product Management. Patrick discusses application monitoring challenges – including lowering costs- and the necessary technology that is needed to enable the most positive web experience in today’s new era of APM.

Patrick advises customers to pick solutions that are designed to accommodate the constantly changing rules of app performance monitoring. Taking this into account, solutions must include technology-leading advances in APM that will empower customers to deliver the most positive web experience to end-users while reducing costs. The crucial elements that are necessary to making a first rate APM solution include:

    • Multi-tenant SaaS
    • Mobile Application Monitoring
    • A single-view platform, an integrated view, to monitor how mobile apps talk to web services, and dig deep to pinpoint problems as well as understand the performance trends of the business while proactively working toward better performance on both web and mobile applications.
    • Ability to address a multitude of languages
    • An open platform with countless free plugins to choose from that allowing visibility into your app environment—all from the same user interface

Fortunately for New Relic customers, Patrick drives New Relic to deliver APM solutions that incorporate new APM technology that benefits our customers as well as help differentiate us from our competitors. New Relic is the only SaaS-based APM solution available today that supports mobile app performance monitoring, polyglot programming, and an open platform with countless free plugins to choose from. Our solution is all you need to pinpoint and solve performance issues with greater freedom, flexibility, and control.'

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