More RailsLab Episodes Are Here – Client Caching and Reverse Proxy Caching

Gregg PollackHave you already implemented some of the server-side caching techniques to improve your app’s performance – fragment caching, object caching? Then you may be ready for Client-side Caching. That’s right, you can control caching at the browser using the techniques in Gregg Pollack’s latest episode on RailsLab.

Gregg shows you how using three header types – etag, last-modified and max-age, you can control caching on the client and get even more performance gains.

Gregg PollackWe also added an episode on Advanced HTTP Caching, specifically covering what is known as Reverse Proxy Caching. If you are beginning to see very heavy user traffic, and you have already tried some of the other techniques in the Scaling Rails series, then you may be ready for Reverse Proxy Caching. Gregg takes this sometimes confusing and complex approach and explains it like no one else can.

Great job, again Gregg!

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