Monitor your Rails app on VMWare’s Cloud Foundry

cloud-foundry-logo.pngVMWare recently announced their cloud platform, Cloud Foundry, which supports Spring, Rails and Node.js apps. Beyond their support for several development frameworks, Cloud Foundry allows their customers to choose their application infrastructure services and even the cloud provider they deploy their apps to. Unsurprisingly developers have been signing up for the beta in droves, and many folks have asked us how they can monitor their apps using New Relic.

Let’s get started!

  1. First, install the CloudFoundry command line interface
  2. Next, add the newrelic_rpm Ruby gem to your Gemfile and add the newrelic.yml configuration file to your Rails app
  3. Then run the following commands: bundle package and vmc push
    (You’ll be prompted to name your app and confirm some environment specifics your first time)

Yep, that’s it! Make sure to click around on your new app to generate some load and you should see metrics in your New Relic account in a minute or two.

To update your app, just run bundle package again, and vmc update <app_name>.

Enjoy your real-time app performance on Cloud Foundry and happy hacking!'

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