Dear Customers: THANK YOU. All 30,000 of You. Here’s to a Killer Q3!

Thank you!Every now and then we report on New Relic’s progress in the form of a momentum press release. We issued one today and going forward we plan on reporting our progress on a more regular basis. What’s the purpose of these reports? To toot our own horn? Pat ourselves on the back? Well, maybe just a little : ) But we’re really more interested in simply saying THANK YOU to all our new and existing customers. You inspire us!

Together we have built, over a short time, a total solution with RUM, code level visibility into the app across five (soon to be more!) languages, server monitoring, now key transaction monitoring, and more. With the fastest implementation, New Relic is the most comprehensive single solution out there and has a proven record of innovation. Our little company has gone on to disrupt the APM space entirely on its own and grow the largest install base of any APM vendor out there. Today, New Relic is serving 30,000+ active accounts, monitoring 650,000 app instances and looking at billions of transactions every day. Q3 2012 was our 17th quarter of consecutive growth and our revenue reached near triple growth when compared to Q3 2011. Thank you.

Exciting Growth
And the story still isn’t over. It’s continuing month over month, quarter over quarter. And we expect it to get more and more interesting as the ‘little company that could’ (and did) delivers even more value and innovation for online organizations and their customers around the globe.

In just the third quarter of 2012 alone, New Relic:

* Added over 900 new paying customers including:

* Expanded our partner ecosystem with leading PaaS and IaaS providers including:

* Was placed in the “Leaders” quadrant in Gartner’s August 16, 2012 “Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring”

* Introduced the industry’s first App Speed Index, a daily big data report analyzing web performance across thousands of apps around the world

* Introduced SOC 2 Compliance, a security audit standard created by the American Institute for CPAs for SaaS and cloud vendors (check out

In closing, we assembled this little video. (Pardon the production value — we just bought a new camera and lights!) The sentiment is pure. It’s a big, fat, THANK YOU for every one of our well-over-100,000 users developers friends that work within the 30,000 accounts that depend on New Relic. This one’s for you!'

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