mobile ebook coverAs a mobile developer, you want all your hard work to result in an app that users will love. But how can you make sure your app is doing everything right to deliver a great user experience, and ultimately be deemed a success?

Our latest ebook, “The Metrics-Driven Approach to Mobile Development,” created in partnership with the mobile experts at Mirego, explains how you can start mobile app development off on the right foot by tying business objectives with mobile metrics from the get-go. In it, Mirego’s Chief Technology Officer Pierre-Luc Simard walks readers through the process of mapping objectives to real measurements; discusses the difference between macro and micro metrics and why you should be tracking both; and shows how to improve the performance of your mobile app through caching.

To illustrate this measurement-driven approach, imagine you’re building an application for tracking running performance. Your mission would likely be something along the lines of “to track the running performance for as many runners as possible.” That mission could then be broken down into a few objectives, which then flow down into individual metrics that would track your progress toward reaching those goals.

mobile app ebook chart

The graphic above provides a high-level outline of this goal-mapping process, but to get more details (including some helpful code samples), as well as tips for which mobile performance tools you should use, read the ebook. And if you’re interested in learning more about mobile analytics, check out this Forrester webinar recording.

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