Is Java still relevant in a world of microservices? With the ascent of DevOps, microservices, containers, and cloud-based development platforms, the gap between the technology that enterprises typically use and state-of-the-art solutions has greatly increased.

For enterprises that want to stay current, the issue can be complex: Java Platform, Enterprise Edition wasn’t built with the distributed application approach in mind, but rather as a single monolithic server runtime or cluster hosting many different applications. Can you build microservices-based architectures on top of Java EE? Is it even a good idea?

In the video below, I discuss these issues with Java champion and Java EE expert Markus Eisele at the recent DevNexus developer conference in Atlanta. May we code in interesting times:

New Relic is a proud member of the Java community. We support Java user groups and meetups around the country. On Tuesday, March 15, for example, New Relic’s Portland engineering HQ hosted the Portland Java User Group in a session about the Java Community Process (JCP).  Learn more here:


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