Load Testing Rails: New RailsLab Episode

Picture 1Today we published a new episode on RailsLab. Load testing is an important part of the application lifecycle which is often neglected by development teams. But, if you think your app will see either consistently increasing or spiky user traffic, you need to do load tests to understand how the app will scale.

Gregg Pollack of RailsEnvy has created a two-part presentation on Load Testing for RailsLab. This week he covers the basics of load testing, Apache Bench and httperf.

In the next episode planned for next week he will cover other tools and approaches. As always Gregg show specific coding techniques to enable you to get started right away.Picture 2

New Relic RPM is the perfect complement to load testing tools. Why? Because RPM is designed to measure app performance under load whether the load is real user traffic or generated test load. With RPM, you can graph scalability under various scenarios as well as identify specific poorly performing transactions. We will be adding other testing-related episodes in the future, covering paid services like Browser Mob. New_Relic_RPM_-_Scalability_Analysis_(Shopify)

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