iTesso Optimizes Utilization of the Windows Azure Platform with Help from New Relic

iTesso (formerly known as Hotel Concepts – Brilliant) creates software for the global hospitality industry. For more than two decades, the company has developed comprehensive solutions for hotels and hotel chains including InterContinental Hotel Group, Best Western International, Van der Valk and select properties in the Groupe du Louvre. Headquartered in the Netherlands, with regional offices in Paris, London, Sydney and Atlanta, iTesso provides global hotel companies with regional and local support in rolling out chain-wide solutions.

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Visibility into the Windows Azure Platform
iTesso’s flagship SaaS-based product – also called iTesso – is a cloud-native enterprise lodging system built on the Windows Azure platform. And it’s the responsibility of Maarten Groeneweg, the company’s QA agent, to make sure its Azure environment is performing as it should.

“It can be very helpful to know if a particular machine is running smoothly,” he explains. “But if you’re running multiple third party services and Azure databases, just knowing the status of one CPU on a single VM is not enough. The iTesso system is complex and full of dependencies. One of those dependencies might decrease performance in other parts of the environment, so we want to monitor everything as a whole – not just separate components.”

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“Our First Line of Defense”
Prior to New Relic, iTesso often didn’t find out about performance issues until customers started to complain. “We don’t want our end users to serve as our first line of defense,” says Groeneweg. “We have to know about issues before they ever get to the end user. And in many cases, the feedback from customers can be very difficult to validate. They might simply say ‘It’s running slow.’ At that point we don’t know whether the issue is time-specific, or if it might be related to a certain kind of usage, or if it is a problem with the local network. All we know is that something may be wrong somewhere, which makes it difficult to know where to start looking. We obviously require a more comprehensive approach to monitoring our application.”

Groeneweg found out about New Relic when he attended Microsoft TechDays in Amsterdam. “I talked to several Azure gurus at the conference, and I told them about our monitoring challenges,” he says. “They immediately recommended New Relic. I downloaded the free trial, and it didn’t take long for me to determine that this is exactly what iTesso needed.”

Functionality & Convenience
Since the iTesso team started using New Relic they’ve been able to gain new insight into the efficiency of the company’s Azure environment. “In Azure, you want to keep your machines small, because that improves scalability,” says Groeneweg. “After we implemented New Relic, I noticed that our VMs were only at 30 or 40 percent usage for both CPU and memory and that we hadn’t crossed the 50 percent threshold in weeks. Based on that evidence, we switched to smaller machines, with the option to scale up as necessary. Not only are we saving money, but we’re making better use of the Azure platform, which is specifically designed for scaling.”

With that kind of functionality and convenience at his fingertips, it should be no surprise that Groeneweg has observed significant improvements in IT productivity since deploying New Relic at iTesso. He sums it up this way, “When I discover the root cause of a performance issue, I simply press a button on the dashboard to deliver the relevant information to the right developer. That’s fast and easy, but it’s also fun. If a tool can make your job more fun while driving efficiency and improving performance, I’d say it’s a keeper.”

Read the Full Case Study
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