Introducing the New Relic Mobile Hub: Your Destination for All Things Mobile

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Mobile has become a critical component of any business strategy today, and mobile apps are leading this charge. While the booming mobile app economy, estimated to reach $77 billion by 2017, provides a world of new opportunities for enterprises, SMBs, and indie developers, it also provides a number of new challenges for them to tackle. There are so many components involved in building a successful mobile app, from designing and developing to marketing and managing the app.

At New Relic we want to make the task of building and managing mobile apps as easy as possible, and to that end, we’re introducing the New Relic Mobile Hub—a new online resource that we hope will be your go-to source for mobile-related content. Whether you’re an app developer working to provide the best end-user experience, a product manager starting to build your first mobile app, or a marketing professional looking to get the best mobile adoption for your app, you can expect to find the resources you need to successfully make it through your mobile app journey.

The hub is broken down to focus on three different app categories: consumer apps, business apps, and employee-focused apps. Each of these pages will give you quick tips and tricks to consider as you enter the different stages of the app-creation lifecycle, starting with strategy all the way through post-launch management. Our Resources section has a curated list of content for each of these stages, from best practices for overall strategy and UX design to customer engagement and performance monitoring insights.

New Relic believes that real user monitoring is the key to understanding what normal feels like for your users, and our mobile application performance monitoring (APM) solution provides exactly this kind of insight. Mobile APM is a relatively new concept and to add some color around this, we’ve also dedicated a section to mobile APM, why it matters, and how you can do it right.

We hope this is useful to you and makes your app journey that much more painless. This is a living, breathing hub, so if you come across interesting articles and studies along your journey that you think will make a good fit, let us know. We’d love to add them to our collection. Happy mobile app developing!

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