Impressions of JavaOne 2012

Outside JavaOne 2012A few weeks ago, I had the chance to represent New Relic at JavaOne 2012 in San Francisco. New Relic was a sponsor of the event, so we had a booth in the Grand Ballroom of the San Francisco Hilton Union Square. I was excited to see that we had a steady stream of people at the booth. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to get a demo or just learn more about New Relic!

When I wasn’t staffing the booth, I attended a range of sessions. Topics for sessions varied from development tools and techniques, to languages that run on the JVM (like Scala and Groovy), to new features coming out in Java 8. While some talks were more like product demos, others were very insightful. I particularly enjoyed Brian Goetz’s talk entitled The Road to Lambda. In it, Brian described the Lambda project which will add closures to Java in JDK 8 with a syntax similar to C#. I was also pleased to learn that the HttpClient and the time API frameworks will be updated for JDK8.

There were definitely a handful of talks on Java performance which seemed to attract a fair amount of attention. For example the talk Advanced JVM Tuning provided insightful suggestions on getting that last one percent in performance by adjusting JVM and Garbage Collection properties. Meanwhile the talk Diagnosing Performance Issues in Cloud-Based Java Applications explained the problems with running an application in the cloud and then suggested New Relic as a performance tool for cloud applications. I was glad to hear our name mentioned!

This year’s event was the largest and best attended since Oracle acquired Sun in 2010. It was great to see how the Java community is thriving and I look forward to JavaOne 2013.

Ashley Puls is a principal software engineer and architect at New Relic. She has a background in mathematics and enjoys diving into the details of language agents. When not programming, Ashley competes in triathlons and soccer games. View posts by .

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