I Don’t Always Monitor My Rails Apps, But When I Do I Use New Relic

Back in June, Planet Argon put out a survey to investigate the Past, Present and Future of Deploying & Hosting Rails applications. And the results are in!

Performance monitoring is very near and dear to our hearts, and we’re glad to see that it was included again in the survey. We’re excited to see that adoption of performance monitoring tools in production has grown by over 60% since 2009. More respondents are using performance monitoring tools in production than not and New Relic is the overwhelming choice.

Infographic by Planet Argon

Hopefully many of those 5,000 Data Nerds tshirts we’ve given away for deploying New Relic are keeping Rails developers warm. Or maybe you’re using New Relic Standard for free through one of our many partners, like Heroku, Engine Yard, Blue Box Group or AWS. However you get started with New Relic, we’re so proud to be part of such an awesome and growing community. And if you haven’t started with New Relic yet, you can get your Data Nerd tshirt free when you deploy.

It’s also great to see the adoption of the latest versions of Ruby and Rails. With 40% of respondents using Ruby 1.9.3 and 39% using Rails 3.2, they’re certainly feeling the performance gains found in both of those versions.

There are lots of details to chew over in the full survey results. You should definitely check out the awesome infographic from Planet Argon. And you can even build your own conclusions and infographics since Planet Argon so generously released the results as CSVs for both 2009 and 2012.

If you are one of the 41% still not monitoring your app in production today, you can deploy New Relic in just a couple minutes and try it for free for 30-days.


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