Hot Off the Press: 5 Unsung Tools of DevOps by New Relic’s Jonathan Thurman

For those of you looking for some new DevOps-related reading, you’re in luck: O’Reilly just released a new book about DevOps tools, written by New Relic’s very own Site Reliability Manager Jonathan Thurman.

Companies of all shapes and sizes are adopting DevOps principles today. And while constant improvement of tools as new ones become available is an important aspect of DevOps, it doesn’t always warrant replacement of existing tools that work.

In 5 Unsung Tools of DevOps, Jonathan shares the 5 tried-and-true DevOps tools that he uses every day, including:

    • RANCID: A suite of utilities that enables automation retention of your configurations in revision control.
    • Cacti: A round robin database-based statistics graphing tool primarily targeted at network equipment using SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol).
    • lldpd: One of the most underutilized, yet extremely useful, networking protocols that shows you exactly which port a server is plugged into.
    • IPerf: A network testing tool designed to measure the throughput between two points and run as a client/server pair.
    • MUltihost SSH Wrapper: A shell script wrapper around SSH that allows you to execute the same command across multiple hosts either in sequence or parallel.

Download the free e-book to learn more and be sure to visit New Relic’s DevOps Hub for other useful information.


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