Got Apache Solr search server? Use RPM to monitor, troubleshoot and tune Solr operations.

New Relic Solr PartnersOur development team is at it again. They are releasing huge new features faster than you can say “application performance management.” Last month it was an industry-first production Java thread profiler and now it’s comprehensive monitoring of Apache Solr search server.  That’s right, today we announced that New Relic RPM now provides comprehensive capabilities for monitoring, troubleshooting and tuning Solr, the enterprise-class search platform from the Apache Lucene project. Additionally, we announced that we’ve partnered with an impressive group of Solr experts and services providers to make RPM available to their clients during customer engagements.

37signals,  a leading provider of web-based collaboration, project management, and data sharing applications, had a chance to monitor Solr with RPM and were pleased with the results. Jeremy Kemper of 37signals said “Tuning Solr is hit or miss without good feedback. RPM Solr monitoring kept us on the fast path as we optimized indexer and searcher replication.”

RPM Solr OverviewEric Gries, CEO of Lucid Imagination said today “Apache Solr is a powerful alternative to traditional search technologies—a robust, enterprise-class solution that can be deployed easily and scales rapidly. New Relic RPM’s deep, real-time visibility into Solr-based search applications gives our customers and partners a vital tool to help them achieve high performance and availability. We are pleased to be working with New Relic and look forward to introducing RPM to our customers and the fast-growing Lucene/Solr marketplace.”

The fastest growing Lucene sub-project, Solr search server is fast becoming the solution of choice for enterprise search. RPM now monitors key Solr performance indicators such as overall Solr performance, cache hit rate and cache size, document cache and filter cache, and Solr update handlers with special tracking of index operations and document operations. RPM provides deep, transaction-level visibility into individual Solr queries, allowing IT teams to identify and remediate potential issues before they affect end users. Check out our overview video to watch RPM in action.

Partnering with the Best

New Relic has teamed with leading experts in the Solr community to provide RPM to organizations that are deploying Solr’s powerful search capabilities. Customers of these partners are eligible to use New Relic RPM at no charge for 30 days to eliminate potential performance issues at the time of deployment and beyond.

One of our key partnerships is with Lucid Imagination, the commercial company exclusively dedicated to commercial-grade support, training, high-level consulting and value-add software for Lucene and Solr, along with its network of partners including:

  •, a consultancy that focuses on creating competitive value by using search technology for finding and using the right information at the right time.
  • OpenSource Connections, which specializes in data management solutions, web-based application development, and technology consulting.
  • JTeam, a team of expert consultants and developers specializing in content management, enterprise search, e-commerce platforms, and custom development.

Other leading Solr specialists joining New Relic’s partner program are:

  • Doculibre, a consulting firm that focuses on information management, search engines and content management.
  • Mindheap Technology, Inc., a provider of technology strategy and system architecture consulting that provides pragmatic answers and creative thinking to large data processing and data retrieval problems.
  • Sematext, a leading provider of consulting and development services for Lucene, Solr, Nutch, and Hadoop.

Don’t wait for management. Start monitoring your Solr instances today!

Getting started with New Relic RPM is easy. It takes 10 seconds to sign up, and two minutes to implement. Monitoring of Solr operations is available for free with RPM Lite. Solr Transaction Tracing  is available with RPM Silver and above. What are you waiting for?'

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