Getting Ready for PyCon 2013

Modern PythonYou may think that PyCon 2013 is still way off in the future. But we’re already really excited about this conference. So excited we have been planning for months and now is the time to start blogging! We also want to let you know about some free sponsor workshop coolness that’s happening before the main sessions start on Friday. Well worth the investment of flying in early and an extra night in the hotel!

The New Relic Python team will be at our booth to answer your questions about how our agent works, and how it can be a tool you use during development and when you are live in production. On Friday, March 15th, Amjith Ramanujam will be speaking about Python Profiling. And Graham Dumpleton takes the stage on Saturday, March 16th, where he’ll talk about how to Make Apache suck less for hosting Python web applications.

And just when you think you can’t possibly handle any more insight and information, PyCon 2013 has added sponsor workshops! Each workshop is 1.5 hours of goodness during the PyCon tutorial days (March 13th and 14th). Best of all, workshops are FREE to attend! Signups aren’t required, but are encourage do that everyone can get important things like snacks and lunch.

Is New Relic doing one? Of course! Learn from the creators about how to use the tool like a pro. Here’s the description from the workshop website:

Managing Python App Performance
There’s no longer any question of whether dynamic languages are appropriate for both large and small scale apps — you use the languages and tools that get the job done. Python suits environments where rapid change is the norm. And when you are deploying multiple times daily, (CI) effective app performance management can mean the difference between rolling back features instead of improving them. There are many approaches to app perf management (APM), as it has been an established discipline for some time, but in today’s modern application environments a SaaS approach may best suit your needs. Attend this session and learn how to implement 24/7 production monitoring in just minutes, then take advantage of actionable data to solve potentially critical issues in your environment including:

* Real user experience
* Application code
* Database problems that can affect app performance
* Infrastructure resources

Why are you still reading? Go sign up already and then come back and finish reading!

On Saturday, March 16th, we’ll be taking part in the PyCon 5k. And we can’t wait to find out who will be the top donor that Jesse Noller piggybacks for the entire length of the course!

We also have a strong suspicion that New Relic will be involved in other after hours events. (Remember our PyCon party from last year?) On top of all of this, we’re also proud to be a Platinum Sponsor for PyCon 2013.

See you in 48 days!

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