FutureStack14 Video: Docker and the Future of Modern Software

As revealed by its very name, FutureStack is a forward-looking conference, dedicated to tracking the latest trends in modern software, hardware, and data analysis.

Several sessions addressed those issues head-on, including Mitchell Hashimoto’s talk on Taming the Modern DataCenter and TJ Fontaine on Node.js: Systems Thinking for Software—and Life (more on those in an upcoming New Relic blog post). But by far the most direct manifestation came in Docker founder and CTO Solomon Hyke’s keynote on the Future of Modern Software:

In introducing Solomon, New Relic CEO Lew Cirne said Docker, which lets developers build applications in “containers” that can run in multiple places, has dramatically changed how people think about deploying their apps to production.

And then Solomon gave what I consider the clearest, most contextual explanation of what Docker does and the problems it tries to solve I’ve ever heard. As a toolkit designed to help developers build distributed applications, Solomon said, Docker attacks such problems as:

  1. Packaging and Distribution
  2. Sandboxed Runtime
  3. Networking
  4. Clustering & Composition
  5. Identity
  6. Authorization

Just as important, Solomon added, these issues are approached according to principles he called “The Docker Way”:

  • Open always wins
  • Solve one problem at a time
  • Scale by composition
  • Enforce standard interfaces

The combination has clearly been very successful so far, with widespread adoption of the technology, including at New Relic. And there’s nothing like hearing the creator of a key technology explain how things got to be the way they are.

For more on the talk, see Alex Williams’ post about the presentation in The New Stack: The New Stack Makers: Docker Creator Solomon Hykes.

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