As new ways to consume media and entertainment transform the market, born-digital companies and traditional media businesses that are shifting to digital are going head to head in the battle for audiences and ad revenues. The shift to digital has created a seismic disruption across the media industry, forcing media companies to reinvent how they create, produce, market, distribute, and monetize content.

As we lay out in our ebook Creating a Framework for Digital Media Success, the key to finding success in this chaotic market is to leverage data to improve customer experiences and drive ad revenues, make sure you’re prepared to scale to cope with your biggest days, and empower your team and your stakeholders to collaborate, innovate, and make faster and better decisions.

But what does that mean in the real world? Here are three digital strategies that media companies are using to attract new customers, generate more revenue, and create new revenue streams while speeding time to market and reducing costs:

  1. Cloud-based digital workflows
  2. Multi-channel delivery
  3. Direct-to-consumer relationships

We’ll take a quick look at each strategy here, but you can download the ebook for more detail, and to better understand the importance of data-driven monitoring of each metric.

Cloud-based digital workflow KPIs

As cloud-based applications become more complex and the lines blur between application performance and cloud infrastructure, engineering and DevOps teams need integrated visibility to manage the availability and performance of critical customer-facing systems. Specifically, they need to track the following KPIs:

  • Apdex
  • Availability
  • Throughput
  • Response times
  • Error percentage
  • Memory footprint
  • CPU and disk workloads
  • Network throughput

Multi-channel delivery KPIs

To make sure your video experiences are meeting customer expectations, you need to track video quality of service and engagement metrics, including:

  • Session count
  • Session duration
  • Page views
  • DOM (document object model) readiness
  • Page render
  • Error percentage
new relic insights customer experience metrics dashboard

Dashboard example for tracking customer experience metrics using New Relic Insights [click to enlarge]

Direct-to-consumer relations KPIs

Video quality-of-service and engagement metrics are critical for the success of your direct-to-consumer strategies. It’s not enough to measure and optimize your backend infrastructure and frontend page performance, you also need to measure and optimize the customer experience at the video player and video levels. KPIs to track include:

  • Video play count
  • Video play duration
  • Video bitrate
  • Video buffering time
  • Video success rate
  • Video and ad errors
  • Active users
  • Content views
  • Session duration

Why media companies need New Relic

Measuring and tracking the right metrics requires end-to-end intelligence across application and infrastructure performance, customer experience, video quality, and user engagement. And that means you need real-time analytics, full-stack visibility, and scalability to support even your busiest day.

creating a framework for digital media success ebook 2-minNew Relic is the only full-stack performance monitoring platform that provides complete visibility into your digital media business. From your CMS to the CDN, from the page to the player, New Relic is designed to provide end-to-end monitoring and analytics that help you connect to your audience with lightning-fast page loads and mobile-app performance, along with bufferless end-to-end video and audio performance.

With New Relic, your engineering and ops teams can quickly identify, isolate, and fix problems whether they are in backend code, external services or scripts, third-party mobile app, or an ad provider.

To learn more, read the full ebook: Creating a Framework for Digital Media Success.'

Fredric Paul (aka The Freditor) is Editor in Chief for New Relic. He's an award-winning writer, editor, and content strategist who has held senior editorial positions at ReadWrite,, InformationWeek, CNET, Electronic Entertainment, PC World, and PC|Computing. His writing has appeared in MIT Technology Review, Omni, Conde Nast Traveler, and Newsweek, among other places. View posts by .

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