New Relic Introduces Support for PHP 5.5


We are very excited to announce New Relic support for PHP 5.5 in our latest PHP agent release (version

Adding support for PHP 5.5 was a particularly tasty challenge for the New Relic PHP team. The way we provide you with the out of the box performance insight required more tweaks than we expected but in the end we know the new agent is worth the wait!

PHP 5.5.x has introduced some new features to the language. Have you added some finally blocks to your try-catch blocks? Have you started to make use of generators and the yield keyword to implement some simple iterators? What about making use of the array and string literal derefencing? Are you unpacking your arrays using foreach and list()? All sorts of new goodies to try out!


As a team, we are always interested in performance optimizations so we must mention the addition of the OPCache extension in PHP 5.5. This extension enables you to make use of shared memory to store your precompiled script byte code. This will reduce that pesky loading and parsing time for repeated requests.

All of these language constructs, extensions, and improvements provide you with some new tools in your PHP development toolkit to help you get the job done. For more details on PHP 5.5.x, including all the new features, and for the information on potential migration issues, please see: PHP 5.5 Features.

Some features have been deprecated as well so make sure to check those out as well:

With this update, we are also committing to support all future PHP 5.5 releases. However, this also means we are officially ending support for PHP 5.1. Don’t worry: those of you still running 5.1 can continue to use our previous agent versions. This means that even though you will miss out on new features and patches, you will still have access to all the features you get today. We are still happily supporting PHP 5.2, 5.3, and 5.4.  See our documentation on compatibility and requirements.

So are you ramping up to migrate up to the latest version (PHP 5.5.4)? New Relic will be there to provide you the performance insight you have come to expect from New Relic.

Are you building brand new web applications on PHP 5.5? Deploy New Relic as part of your development and then when you are ready we will provide you with continued insight you require in production.

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