Which Browsers are the Fastest? [Real User Performance Data]

We’ve come quite a long way since introducing RUM (Real User Monitoring) about a year ago. Being the first app performance company to build real user monitoring as a core, native feature of application performance management, we are currently monitoring about 750 million page views a day, 5 billion a week and 20 billion a month for 20,000 active accounts.  Our real user monitoring javascript is found on over 150,000 unique domains on the internet. This puts us in the unique position of being able to comment credibly on the state of web performance from the end user perspective. And while we’re sitting on what can plausibly be considered the world’s largest database of application performance data in existence, it’s clear that we have entered the realm of Big Data. Our goal is to share this data so that it can be used to better ensure top-notch app performance. And to be sure, web performance is fast becoming a high-profile topic as our lives become more and more intertwined with the web.

And here’s the latest Real User Performance data that we’d like to share with you…

Browsing speed is improving: Last year the average click took 6 seconds, this year it’s 5.5 seconds, with an Apdex customer satisfaction score of .87 (good, but not great).

Chrome on Mac is by far the fastest experience: Specifically Chrome 13 on Mac took just under 2.5 seconds (2.4 seconds to be exact!):

Internet Explorer is still in the game: IE is the most popular browser in use on Windows (40%):

And IE is the most used overall on desktops and laptops with 36% share: 

IE 9 beats out all the others in speed test on Windows:

Chrome is closing the gap: it’s the number two browser across OSs, with roughly 33% of share on Windows:

And Chrome enjoys a 19% share of browsing on Mac:

Mobile browsing is almost twice as slow as PC or desktop browsing: Fastest speed on mobile averages 6.2 seconds. And the fastest mobile experience is Blackberry Opera Mini! Who knew?:

Desktop and laptop browsers are twice as fast as mobile at 2.58 seconds on average:


Data snapshot from March 22, 2012 between the hours of 12 noon and 3 pm PT. During this period, New Relic monitored browser performance at the rate of approximately 690,000 page views per minute.


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