Engine Yard Signup and Install Walkthrough

Did you know that if you are an Engine Yard customer you get access to New Relic Bronze absolutely free? Engine Yard feels strongly enough that Performance Management tools for Rails are critical to creating highly performant and scalable applications that they give all their customers New Relic RPM.

So, you are an Engine Yard customer, and you want to use RPM to monitor and optimize your Rails applications. But how do you get started?

The following short video will show you all you need to do to be gathering production performance data about your Rails Application in minutes, for free. Take a look!

Check out the full size demo.

For those of you who aren’t Engine Yard customers, never fear! You too can prove that your app can scale using Ruby on Rails! Sign up here for RPM Bronze, Silver or Gold. Sign up here for our free RPM Lite product.


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