Enabling Free New Relic Bronze on NetworkRedux just got easier with one-click dashboard integration!

NetworkReduxBack in early March we posted about NetworkRedux making New Relic Bronze available free to its customers. Awesome! To sweeten the deal, they just announced last week that they have fully integrated New Relic into their management dashboard! This means that in just a click, you can activate free New Relic and start getting immediate value from its monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities. And now is a pretty good time to flip the switch on New Relic because, as part of our partnership with NetworkRedux, you not only get the free Bronze, but also an extended trial of our premium Gold feature for 15 days. Here’s how to get started.

If you are creating your initial account with NetworkRedux, during the account creation process you will be able to simultaneously create your New Relic account and link it to your NetworkRedux account. If you are an existing customer, simply login to your dashboard account and click “New Relic” on the left-side navigation to begin the setup process.


Here’s how your monitored app will look inside the NetworkRedux console:


And don’t forget to check out this article from the NetworkRedux gang on setting up New Relic with cPanel.

Happy monitoring!

John E.


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