Bjorn’s at Drupalcon London! Ask him about our new Drupal monitoring features. See the Dries vid “Performance Matters”

drupalconlondonWe re excited to be at Drupalcon London this week! Take a moment to stop by table #22 outside the Ashcroft Theater so we can tell you what we’ve been up to recently with our PHP agent, which monitors frameworks and apps like Drupal, Zend, WordPress and more. We are also giving out special discount codes for 30 days of free New Relic Professional edition. That’s an extra two weeks free, available to you just for stopping by out table to say hi.

Improved Drupal Monitoring

When you stop by the table, be sure to ask about our new “Drupal Modules” page under the App Server tab, which shows the time consumed by all the code in the various modules you have loaded in your Drupal. Now you can determine which modules are contributing to your site’s performance problems. Since modules are the unit of code reuse in Drupal, this new page is useful for diagnosing a systemic slowdown across the pages due to a particular module. In this simple example, we’re seeing that, as expected, “node” takes most of the time but, at the same time, a number of the smaller modules (blog, forum, taxonomy, …) are responsible for >15% of the run-time.

Speaking of Drupal…another great thing about being at Drupalcon is that we get to see our friends at Acquia. They are great partners and through the Acquia Network have done a fantastic job of making it easy for customers to monitor their Drupal apps with New Relic. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Dries and discuss with him why they’ve partnered with New Relic to provide free app monitoring for their customers. Here are some highlights of that chat:'

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